We offer a 7-Step Fertilizer Program with 3 fully insured/licensed pesticide applicators that can help get your lawn looking greener than ever! Here's how our program works:

1. Late April- Apply fertilizer with pre-emergent weed control to prevent crabgrass and other Spring germinating weeds.​​​​​

2. Late May/June- Apply fertilizer with iron to maintain a healthy lawn from heat, drought and insect resistance.

3. Late June/Early July- Apply fertilizer with merit to control a broad spectrum of insects and pests, including all variety of grubs.

4. August- Apply fertilizer with Iron to promote root growth.

5. September/October- Apply fertilizer to prepare your lawn for Winter hardiness.

6. Fall or Spring- Apply lime to maintain PH levels which allows for better nutrient accessibility.

7. Weed control- Weeds will be treated with spray throughout the season starting in April.